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    8 Financial Bloggers Share What They’ve Learned From Blogging About Finance

    This article was originally published on MelissaBlevins.com. As a member of the blogging community, I’ve become close friends with several financial bloggers. We chat frequently about the ups and downs of blogging and also about things we’ve learned and experienced as financial literacy educators. In this article, 8 personal finance bloggers share what they’ve learned along the way. Some have been blogging for years and others just a few months, but if you’re curious about a day in the life of a personal finance blogger, these personal accounts should pique your interest.     Financial Bloggers Share Their Experience Blogging About Money & Finance   Andrew – Wealthy Nickel   I’ve…

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    New Starts

    10 Life Hacks for the New Year

      While it doesn’t need to be January 1st, or a new fiscal year, here’s a list of ten life hacks you can get yourself ready for a new start.   Life Hack for the New Year #1 New Year means new goals. Try to come up with a few goals for yourself for the next 6 months to a year. You don’t need to call these resolutions, but a dream without a plan is just a wish.   Life Hack for the New Year #2 Get a calendar for the new year. Yes, we use our cell phones for everything, but sometimes it’s helpful to physically see a timeline,…

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    Productivity Hacks

    7 Productivity Hacks for Millennials

    Millennials have a reputation for getting easily distracted and/or bored. From raising kids to working and conquering the world, we are the generation of dreamers and doers! Productivity hacks can help you manage your time a bit more efficiently so you can focus on what matters to you. 7 Productivity Hacks for Millennials 1. Turn off Notifications Cell phones are amazing little things, aren’t they? But social media and email notifications can be real time suckers if you don’t shut them down! When you know you’re going to be working on something important, turn off the notifications. Put your phone in airplane mode if you have to! Just make sure…