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New Starts

10 Life Hacks for the New Year


While it doesn’t need to be January 1st, or a new fiscal year, here’s a list of ten life hacks you can get yourself ready for a new start.


Life Hack for the New Year #1

New Year means new goals. Try to come up with a few goals for yourself for the next 6 months to a year. You don’t need to call these resolutions, but a dream without a plan is just a wish.


Life Hack for the New Year #2

Get a calendar for the new year. Yes, we use our cell phones for everything, but sometimes it’s helpful to physically see a timeline, or to have a shared space for the household to write their plans.

Here are a few sites that are offering free calendars:

Dairy Milk Calendar

Chapman’s Ice Cream Calendar

Telus Calendar

South Carolina African American History Calendar

Emily Ellyn Calendar from Frago

If these aren’t your taste, you can find nearly any kind of calendar on Amazon or at


Life Hack for the New Year #3

Time to review any subscriptions or memberships. An easy way to find out what you are paying for regularly is to review your credit card statements or bank accounts. Make sure you know what each charge is, and if you are not using that membership, cancel it!


Life Hack for the New Year #4

Make a new rule: If it takes less than two minutes to accomplish, do it now. Don’t let it pile up for “someday”.


Life Hack for the New Year #5

Take a minute every day to identify three things you are grateful for.


Life Hack for the New Year #6

Make a list of the things you enjoyed over the last holiday season, and things you didn’t enjoy. Discuss and decide if there are traditions or changes you want to make for next year. Bring it up in the first few months of the year so others have time to consider changes for the next holiday season.


Life Hack for the New Year #7

Make a list of people you purchased gifts for.  This will help you not forget anyone next year. Also, take a moment to reflect on your budget. If you save one tenth of the budget every month, you will have enough by November to finish your Christmas or holiday shopping. Also, this will give you funds throughout the year to purchase items as they come on sale (January is a great month for this), therefore allowing you to spend less or do more.


Life Hack for the New Year #8

Choose a day of the week, and schedule an hour (or more) to self-care. Whether that means indulging in a bubble bath, a trip to the masseuse, or just taking a walk by yourself, be sure to incorporate some “me time” to refresh, reflect and relax. Make sure your spouse does the same, and if you have children, you can trade off the time for each other. It will be a simple gift to each other to help your focus throughout the year.


Life Hack for the New Year #9

Schedule a doctor’s visit. When was the last time you had a regular check-up? We often remember to take care of others, and forget to take care of ourselves.


Life Hack for the New Year #10

Start preparing for tax season while the year is still fresh in your mind. By the time April comes around, we have often forgotten about receipts or deductions, or we’ve put them somewhere safe. Consider starting a storage box where you can keep receipts or invoices so you are ready come tax time.

Are you self-employed or an entrepreneur? Maybe you are looking for a new way to keep track of expenses and income. Highly recommended by many entrepreneurs is Freshbooks, a cloud-based accounting software that is great for on-the-go people.


New Beginnings

New beginnings are great for incorporating change, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed. These 10 Life Hacks for the New Year are simple and easy to achieve, and sets you up for a happier and healthier year.


What are your goals, or what do you plan to implement for the next year? Do you use the word resolution? Let us know in the comments below.



This post is written by Stephanie, blogger at, who focuses on real estate investments, side hustles and learning to build wealth.


life hacks for the new year #lifehacks #newyear #lifehacksfornewyear #2019

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